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With Verifrica, help people make sound financial choices, good business insight, and plan for the future with a holistic guide.

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The Problem

Due to low-fidelity records and low transfer rates, obtaining reliable held-away account information is difficult. Furthermore, account financing workflows continue to be error-prone and time-consuming for borrowers, posing a barrier to increasing funds under control.

The Solution

Verifrica allows investment advisers and wealth management platforms to integrate knowledge from held-away accounts in order to provide more holistic financial guidance. Verifrica will also help businesses expand their Assets under Management(AUM) by facilitating ACH account financing, which has transfer rates that always outperform the competition.

Products & Benefits

Discover how to make the most of financial data.

  • Understand a user’s investments
    Investments provide information about a user's financial records, such as account balances, shares, and transfers that change a holding
  • Streamline ACH account funding
    To power ACH account financing transfers, Auth helps you to authenticate accounts at all financial institutions. Use our Balance and Identity products to further reduce ACH chance.
  • Smart, simple money investment
    With insight into payment performance, different payment forms, and bank partner versatility, Bank Transfers offers a smarter, smoother money flow approach and a way to quicker customer activation.

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