Borrowers would be able to access capital in a quicker and more secure manner

Verifrica provides a seamless, fast, and secure means of using financial data to safely grant credit and loans with confidence.

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The Problem

Lenders need a complete picture of their borrower's financial data but gathering income data, account balances, and asset history are tedious for both the borrower and the lender. Furthermore, connecting borrowers' bank accounts to obtain capital and repay loans is a time-consuming operation.

The Solution

Verifrica offers borrowers an easy, seamless loan process and gives lenders access to bank data so they can make informed loan decisions with confidence.

Products & Benefits

Discover how to make the most of financial data.

  • Digitally verify borrower's asset
    Account balances, uncategorized and categorized transactions, and account identity information are all provided in Assets' consolidated report.
  • Verify the identity of borrowers
    Verify users' identity to what the bank has on hand, such as their name, phone number, address, and email address, in order to reduce fraud using Identity.
  • Check balance in real-time
    Users' balances are quickly checked to see if they have enough money to make payment or transfer.
  • Instantly authenticate accounts
    Retrieve user's account and routing details, which can be used to make payments and debit withdrawals smoothly and with ease.
  • Check final obligations
    Liabilities product provides users with real-time knowledge about their financial obligations, such as loans and card debit.
  • Switch direct deposits
    Users can adjust the destination of their direct deposits more easily and quickly with Deposit Switch.
  • Verify income and employment
    Income enables people to easily check their earnings and work in the way that suits them best

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