Our mission is to enable a world of access to financial possibilities with data.

We are making it possible for everyone to achieve financial freedom with data. Using financial data to open up a world of possibilities.

Our Vision

At Verifrica our goal is to build a transparent financial data platform to decentralize financial services. We design amazing user interfaces, developer-friendly technology, and smart resources that empower everyone to make amazing products and solve problems.

Our Business

We began by developing APIs that link customers, mainstream financial institutions, and developers.

Our Values

Our Culture

Collaboration through teams and a plurality of thinking are essential to us.Outside of work, there is still a chance to learn from one another, whether it 's working remotely or co-worker' s meetups.

We all come from different backgrounds and have different talents, but we 're all excited about working together to create a more effective and equitable financial system.

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Bringing solutions to 100+ banks and Fintechs

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