Connect financial accounts to apps you love in seconds.

Verifrica provides a seamless and convenient way of connecting people's financial accounts to an app with easy and secure access

Bringing solutions to 100+ banks and Fintechs

Building the future of financial services accross Africa

  • Personal Finances
    Boost financial health in budgeting, saving, and finances management with our detailed transaction history.
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  • Consumer Payment
    Assist people send money to their family and friends, pay bills, and other payment transactions.
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  • Lending
    Help people and businesses access capital by issuing credit using our analyzed financial data
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  • Wealth
    Assist people in making sound financial choices, good business insight, and plan for the future.
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  • Banking
    Seamless banking experience, help users fund their bank accounts, manage savings and do more.
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  • Business Finances
    Assist businesses with budgeting, bill payment, bookkeeping, and payroll.
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Connect to financial bank accounts in seconds
Verifrica prioritizes the interest of our users, with flexibility that enables you to link and exchange financial data from various financial institutions with the apps of your choice in a safe and secure manner.With Verifrica you can also retrieve transactions, profits, balances, and more from your customers ' financial accounts.
Secure, easy and reliable to use solution
We aim at providing a platform that enables financial institutions to help their customers attain better financial outcomes.We are aware of the importance of customer information, Verifrica provides a private, secure, and reliable platform to access financial data.
Beautiful user experience for customers
With a single API, you can access a wide variety of high - quality financial data from various financial institutions.You will also gain beautiful customer experiences with Verifrica.