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The Problem

In today's world, opening a new bank account always necessitates manually checking two tiny micro-deposits. This procedure will take up to two days and is vulnerable to user input mistakes, which can cost the bank customers.

The Solution

Verifrica helps users to safely connect their bank account using their login credentials in a matter of seconds. Customers will be up and running on your banking items the next day if you integrate with Plaid. For your bank, this might mean more loyal and committed customers.

Products & Benefits

Discover how to make the most of financial data.

  • Faster account opening and account funding
    When users bind their account using login credentials, Auth retrieves account and routing information immediately. Verifrica works with every ACH processor to make account funding quick and easy.
  • Seamless user experience
    Balance automatically checks to see if users have sufficient money to complete a transaction and payment. With a smooth balance check, you can boost your account funding rate.
  • Reduce fraudulent sign ups
    Identity verifies users' identities against information held on file at the bank, such as their identification, phone number, address, and email address.
  • Switch direct deposits
    With Deposit Switch users can adjust the destination of their direct deposits more easily and quickly
  • Verify income and employment
    Income enables people easily check their earnings and jobs in the way that suits them best.

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