Direct access to complete transaction history

Retrieve transaction details up to the previous 24months, including geolocation, merchant, and category details.

Zenith Bank

Connect with financial institutions in Africa.

Zenith BankZenith Bank
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Directly access your customers' financial data. Your customers will never need to upload PDF transaction reports or manually enter their information again.

How it works

Introducing the future of financial payment in Africa

Paying bills or sending money to someone? Verifrica provides tools that enable you to perform these services with ease using a token system.

Use Cases

Understand how our product works, and make the most of it.

  • Personal Finances
    Fostering saving, budgeting and managing your finances.
  • Banking
    Providing users with a banking experience, fund your account and manage savings.
  • Lending
    Aiding individuals and businesses access capital through an efficient process.
  • Business Finances
    Aiding businesses manage funds, make payment, analyze financial reports and send payroll.