Payment Initiation

Make debit card payments within your app with ease.

Verifrica 's Payment Initiation product helps your customers carry out payments without experiencing difficulties. Payments go to their bank accounts, where they can access the funds immediately and with ease.

Product Features
  • Improve UX/conversion
    With our seamless user experience, SDKs, and integration option, you can improve your user interaction and perception of your product.
  • Reduce Cost
    Get rid of expensive card fees and pay a low fixed-cost per transaction.
  • Instant payments
    Payments are made directly to your bank account allowing you access funds in no time.
  • Fight fraud
    Your user's bank handles authentication, lowering fraud risk and growing success rates.
  • Offer flexible payment types
    With only one integration, you can make one-time and recurring payments to any bank account.
  • Verify payment status
    For verification, Verifrica redirects your customer to their bank to authenticate their account.
How it works

Introducing the future of financial payment in Africa

Paying bills or sending money to someone? Verifrica provides tools that enable you to perform these services with ease using a token system.

Use Cases

Understand how our product works, and make the most of it.

  • Personal Finances
    Fostering saving, budgeting and managing your finances.
  • Banking
    Providing users with a banking experience, fund your account and manage savings.
  • Lending
    Aiding individuals and businesses access capital through an efficient process.
  • Business Finances
    Aiding businesses manage funds, make payment, analyze financial reports and send payroll.