Help users boost financial health with analyzed transaction history and account data.

Build personalized financial solutions by safely and efficiently retrieving account statements, account balances, revenue to encourage users to save, budget, and improve finances.

Bringing solutions to 100+ banks and Fintechs

The Problem

When users have accounts at various financial institutions, obtaining a detailed image of their financial health can be quite challenging.

The Solution

Verifrica brings together financial data from various financial institutions and categorizes transaction data over a 24-month period, making it easy to use and analyze.

Products & Benefits

Discover how to make the most of financial data.

  • Encourage users to save
    Verifrica analyzes up to 24 months of clean, categorized transaction history to help users minimize unnecessary spending and direct them toward investment and savings goals.
  • Enable in-app balance checks
    Make checking the balances of their connected accounts inside your app an enjoyable experience for your customers by using Balance linked depository accounts in real-time.
  • Understand’s a user’s investments
    Take advantage of investment and gain a better understanding of user's investment accounts, including account balances, holdings, and transactions that create a change in a holding.
  • Help people manage debt
    Transactions can be used to alert users of pending debt and to offer debt repayment and refinancing options.

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