Account authentication and linking

Authenticate bank accounts using bank data quickly.

Verifrica Authentication provides a seamless way of using bank data to authenticate account ownership.When users use bank information to connect their accounts, these routing numbers are retrieved and used to authenticate identity and account ownership instantly.

Product Features
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Prevent misdirected payments
    Verifrica authentication helps you verify every information provided to ensure, each information is accurate thereby preventing the instances of misdirected payments and invalid data.
  • Open Banking and PSD2 integrations
    Our API provides open access to financial data from financial institutions. Third parties are provided access to customer's financial data based on their approval and the benefit of leveraging this data with the aim of improving customer authentication processes with a seamless user experience.
How it works

Seamless account authentication

The /auth/get endpoint allows you to make a request to retrieve the bank account and routing numbers, as well as high-level account data and balances, when open, after a user connects their account using bank credentials.

Use Cases

Understand how our product works, and make the most of it.

  • Banking
    Providing users with a banking experience, fund your account and manage savings.